G.R.O.W.T.H model for Personal Fitness


  1. Goals
    • For You – Goals need to be thought about and defined clearly. No obligation to share widely, but you must know your own goals. If you have none, start here now! If you’re not working towards your own goals, your only working for someone else’s.
    • Your Coach – Understands your fitness goals and agrees them openly with you. Where a client does not have strong medium to long term goals, your coach should help you to define shorter term goals in fitness and health to help you begin your journey.
    • Level – Goal definition, understanding and agreement is the base level of coaching which should be expected. If you have clearly defined goals, although still at a low level, your personal fitness journey has taken it’s first step into maturity.
  2. Reality
    • For You – You must gain an awareness of your current state in the context of the goals you wish to achieve. Personal awareness of the reality is one of the most difficult steps in maturing your personal fitness journey. It is extremely rare that anyone can gain an objective sense of self from themselves alone. Over confidence and under confidence cause havoc in equal measures. Hard pills may need to be swallowed in this phase for the over confident, while a healthy push in the right direction and support is needed for those less confident. It’s a vulnerable phase, but key in maturing and moving forward in the right direction.
    • Your Coach – must at all times provide the objective view and help you to understand your own reality in the context of your goals. Some coaches may already fall down here in favour of quick profit. “Sure I can get you ‘-insert unrealistic goal here-‘ in 8 weeks. Incidentally here’s my 8 week challenge package”. The best coaches will help you understand your reality and form a realistic plan for helping you to achieve your goal based on where you are currently at. Trust and honesty must become the base standard between the two of you.
    • Level – Coaching which is honest and helps the client to understand their reality is key if goals are to be achieved. As a coach this is an uncompromising principle.  If you have made it to an awareness and acceptance of your current state, and still have a burning desire to achieve your goal, you have taken a very important step in maturing your personal fitness journey. At this point you know where you are and where you want to get to. By the way, this step never really ends, soz.
  3. Options
    • For You – You must be open to the options available to you to achieve your goal. This is a time to be honest with yourself and your coach about what is realistic for you. The fastest option to achieve your goal could be to workout for 3 hours 6 times a week, but is that realistically an option for you given other relationship, work or personal commitments. Usually not. We all have best intentions but be careful not to try to bite off more than you can chew. Also be aware that these options can and should be revisited later.
    • Your Coach – Knows that there is never one option but should be in a position to advise based on what they have learned about you which option they feel would suit you best. If you and a friend have the same coach, vastly different goals yet the same training and nutrition program, this may be cause for concern. However don’t be too hasty, many programs adhere to the same basic principles so while the start point may be similar, different goals from different starting points and personal preferences of a client could iterate into two unrecognisable programs after a few weeks. The litmus test is that your coach knows and can articulate why you are doing what you are doing and has chosen the most suitable option for you and your fitness goals.
    • Level – You have moved away from basic and generic training and at this point can be confident that the level of coaching is going in the right direction. If you are open to new ways of doing things to achieve your goal and are becoming aware of your personal restrictions that may hamper progress towards your goal, you are really starting to mature your personal fitness journey.
  4. Will
    • For You – You have the options, but which one will you do. You are determined, aware of the commitment and committed to what you are going to do.
    • Your Coach – knows what you are going to do and agrees it with you. Ensures that the client is not over committing to something that they can not sustain or not under committing which will result in the goals not being achieved.
    • Level – The level of coaching is moving towards the higher end if and only if the above steps have been completed prior to jumping to this stage. It can be easy to get straight in and commit to what you will do but omitting the previous steps would return you to a low level of coaching and a low level of maturity on your personal fitness journey.  If on the other hand you now know your goal, accept your reality, know your options, and have picked the option for you, all in collaboration with your coach then your excitement and motivation should be extremely high.
  5. Tactics
    • For You – Trust your coach. The tactics, the tips and tricks are all for your coach to impart on you. You must be will to iterate in this phase, here you will be pushed further and further out of your comfort zone as more and more training and nutrition nuggets are added.
    • Your Coach – skilfully iterates the approach to ensure you move closer and closer to your goal. Begins to really understand the client through working together and can use their knowledge and experience to tweak the approach. The best coaches have tips and tricks ready to improve areas of clients nutrition and training. Here the coach provides the real value add to the client.
    • Level – The level of coaching is now at a very high standard. The coach is imparting their knowledge and industry experience to help the client improve by a little percentage here and there in a range of areas. The marginal gains of astute tactical coaching will massively amplify the results of an already consistent client.   You are now also at an extremely high level of maturity on your personal fitness journey, but again be cautious and clear in the self assessment of where you are. You have to get super consistent first before you can reap the benefits of the tactic tweaks
  6. Habits
    • For You – Aware of the habits which are driving you towards your goals and those which are preventing you from reaching them. You are able to find a routine which works for you. Fitness and Health is recognised as an on-going journey without a specific beginning or end.
    • Your Coach – helps you to form positive and sustainable habits. The coach is able to identify patterns of behaviour which prevent the client from achieving and can offer advice in overcoming or replacing these habits. Your coach knows you better than you know yourself and as a trusted advisor can positively reinforce habits which have a long term health, fitness and lifestyle benefit.
    • Level – The level of coaching is as high as possible. It’s likely that coaching at this point is lighter touch than previous phases, this is all about letting the client find themselves and their own way which will work long term. The client may at this point be informed enough to proceed on their own for the next section of their fitness journey.   The maturity of your personal fitness journey is at an all time high. You are now at your core making positives decisions and by default doing the stuff which drives you closer and closer to your goals each day.