Remember Your Why

I first produced these graphics for a presentation at back in 2016. That day I was presenting on ‘Customer Experience’ and how you can easily lose sight of your goal as you try to run a project through to completion. External opinions and a mountain of different information designed to drive you towards your goal can also distract you from achieving it. You have to Remember your Why at times when other distractions set in. It was as relevant then when we were trying to design a superior banking experience as it is today in any goal that you want to achieve yourself, especially in personal fitness.

Remember Your Why - Lose WeightYour Why could be anything, Losing Weight is common is most peoples fitness journey and at the very start of the process you are nothing but excited about getting started. You have only one clear focus, Losing Weight.

Remember Your Why - The Rest

Carbs, Weight Training, Rest days, Check In’s, Cardio, Supplements, Cheat Meals, Meal Prep, Steps, Training Split, Protein to name but a few. Very quickly you can become distracted by the very items which are helping you to achieve your goal and what’s worse is that you can become fixated on something which is only one part of the puzzle and let your ultimate goal slip away.

Remember Your Why - Don't let go

Never forget why you started. Know that no one piece determines your outcome. Do not become overwhelmed by the detail.