Are You Ready to be Coached?

  • Ready to be coached
  • If you DO exactly what your coach says but are not achieving the agreed results, Your Coach Is At Fault.
  • If you DO NOT do exactly what your coach says and are not achieving the agreed results, You Are At Fault.

Coaching is hard. Despite the amount of coaches in the market today, coaching in any industry is hard. However being coached is also extremely hard. It involves respect and also a high level of trust to allow yourself to be coached. Most of us are not ready for it. How many times in your life have you bought something with clear instructions only to put your own spin on it? Prescription meds, recipes, car services, f**kin flat pack furniture, etc. the list goes on. We love putting our own spin on things, especially when it comes to personal fitness. Add a few reps in here, drop a few reps out there, not feeling that exercise today, Add a little more food here, skip some meals there, and then get to the end of the week and wonder what’s up.

Coaches are people too, and like all people in your life you will gel better with some over others. However if you have taken the step to pay a coach for their services, you must buy into their methods! Repeat you must buy into their methods, this is the service that you have paid for! Give it a chance by committing fully to it and then if you are not getting the desired results or that coaches methods are not for you then it’s time to change.