More than just a GYM

More than just a GYMThe gym can be a huge mental leveller for a wide range of stresses and worries. While home workouts can help to tide you over physically, they may or may not give the mental outlet which is often so much more beneficial. There may not be much we can do during the ‘social distancing’ phase when our gyms are closing but you must find replacement activities to help you to mentally switch off.

I am acutely aware that many of us use the gym as a type of therapy. You take yourself out of your own mind by lifting heavy weights which force you to focus on them alone. And about an hour later, everything feels a little bit better and easier to manage.

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that the gym is unique in this. Everyone has a different thing; going to restaurants, going to the pub, hotels, booking mini breaks, visiting friends and family, watching sport on tv or attending, going to the cinema, going for walks, going shopping, the list goes on and on. Your family and friends may have a different outlet to you and it’s important to realise that everyone may respond to it  a little differently, remember to support each-other as much as possible and in whatever way possible over the next few days and weeks. None of us can do everything, but we can all do something.

Some things which may help:

  • Plan your day – particularly if working from home. Plan what you’re going to do and do it! This gives a great sense of achievement!
  • Do the home workout – It’ll be fun, I promise!
  • Try yoga – Try something new, yoga is great
  • Try a new walk – Take a new route, you never know you might find a good one
  • Get out and about exploring the country side – Make this something you do regardless
  • Hit your step target – Do not sit all day, get active – around the house, around the garden, around the park etc.
  • Try a new meal – more time on your hands? give something a go!
  • Just sit and listen to some tunes (it worked when you were younger) – Why don’t we do this any more? Ah the good old days when tunes were tunes and not a background activity!
  • Put your phone away – Nice to take a break from time to time.
  • Give yourself a break – This is a mad time, the reeling in the years looking back in 10 years time is going to be nuts for 2020. Give yourself a break!

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