Self-Isolation Accountability Planner

Staying accountable to the items that will drive you towards your goals is important at any time, but even more so now that we are entering a really strange period in modern existence. Planning and keeping yourself accountable to the plan helps to give a nice sense of satisfaction as you build up day to day towards your goal.

Below is a slightly modified template that I use for planning during a prep. Every day I hit my plan for the item, I mark the item green, everyday that I don’t I mark the item red, planned rest or non training days also go green. Looking back on a week worth of all greens is extremely satifisfiying and motivating for the week ahead. Nerdy but effective stuff.

  • Training – Home and Body weight workouts are the norm for a lot of people at the moment, one a day?
  • Cardio – Getting out for a run, cycle, or walk. Very important to keep your cardio up during this isolation period
  • Steps – Definitely more challenging to hit 10000 when working from home and isolating, a big challenge here but important to stay active.
  • Planned Meals – Plan you meals for the day and stay on track for them, isolation snacking definitely has it’s appeal. try to stay accountable.
  • Something New – Should have more time on our hands, try something new every day?
  • Add your own – Plan activities, new workouts, new hobbies, whatever you want… Plan and do.

Download links – 4 week Planner:

Accountability Planner Pic

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