Hungry or Bored?

It’s quarantine time! or is it SNACK time!

We’re in for some boring days during this lockdown, and a fun thing to figure out is whether you’re hungry or bored… Snacking because of boredom is extremely common with all of us and with being in a lockdown this is certain to become more challenging. It’s important to remember to eat when you’re hungry and not because the nothing more exciting going on. Many of us will also have switched to working from home where the cupboards are full with the goods and with no colleagues to judge you, you could easily and happily snack away all day. Fun for a day or two but snacking coupled with an overall reduction in energy expenditure could play havoc with any fitness goals that you’ve set previously.

Some things which help:

  • Plan (and make) your meals for the day in advance
  • Plan your meal times for the day
  • Drink more water
  • Keep snacks out of sight during the day
  • Keep your mind active
  • Don’t be too harsh on yourself when you go off plan, this is a mad time!

Agile Body Program


Protect The Deficit

Protect The DeficitYou have a number, I have a number, We all have a number. A caloric maintenance number where by if you eat exactly that number of calories you will neither lose or gain weight (Leaving aside acute factors such as the make up of your diet which can effect water retention etc. in the short term).

Almost all nutrition plans you receive will have a daily calorie target. Rather than focusing on the amount of calories you eat in a day,  you should start to focus on the calories that you have accumulated towards your deficit.

For fat loss clients, your target daily calories have been issued by your coach to create a sustainable calorie deficit  in line with your goals and this is really worked out on a weekly basis and divided evenly across the week. So while you have a daily calorie target which is always visible and known on the plan, you also have a daily calorie deficit target.

Every day you are accumulating a deficit which is key to remember because maintaining this deficit is what will ultimately determine your success in achieving your fat loss goal. You must protect the deficit.

Eating all of your meals on plan is brilliant and you should be happy with yourself when you do, but you should also be happy that you have banked calories towards your deficit. Focusing on your deficit and what you’ve accumulated throughout the week works well because when you get to Friday or Saturday it can be quite easy to eat a little extra or add in some snacks which not only remove the deficit from that days eating but can also undo the deficit that you’ve been working hard to achieve all week.

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