Negotiate Your Routine


The Deal is won in the detail. You must negotiate your routine.

The flexibility comes in the detail of what you do and there ARE non-negotiable items which you simply must do.

Negotiate your routine

  • Resistance Training – Don’t try to argue it, trust me it’s non-negotiable. If you’re not lifting weights or training against resistance you really should be.
    • Type of Training – So many to choose from. You can definitely find something you like. Personal training may not be for you but join a class, do cross fit, Olympic lifts, machine weights, kettle bells etc. the list is endless. Try until you find one you like.
    • Frequency of Training – From training once a week to every day, it really is up to you. Be realistic about what you can stick to as aiming for more sessions and not getting to them can be a huge demotivating factor – build it up slowly.
    • Time of Training – Night owl or early bird, lunch time or right after work. Find a time that fits with your lifestyle. Morning training is great but can be difficult to make it work. You need to negotiate a time that works and will work for you at least 80% of the time.
    • Duration of Training – Quick 20 mins or long 90 mins. No right or wrong answer.
    • Cost of Training – – Cost’s much less than most things. But please spend your money in line with your commitment level. Personal Trainers can be expensive so look at what you are trying to achieve, if you’re starting out completely new you may get as much benefit by going to the gym with some friends and when you decide you like it then take the next step. Plenty of free tutorials and work out generators online also if you need inspiration. Once your hooked you can start to add in more items: workout clothes, supplements, PT’s, Group Classes, Home workout equipment, wrist wraps, knee wraps, back belt, giant water bottle, Fitness wearable’s, styling headphones, yoga mats, foam roller, ab wheel, the list goes on and on. Beside listing some of the things around me in my room, the point here is to keep your cost of training as low as possible. There is no point going out buying all additional equipment upfront. You really need very little to start…</
  • Cardiovascular Training – Non-negotiable. You have to keep your heart active and healthy and to do so you need to get that heart rate up. Walks are great to hit your step count and activity level but also ensure that you are raising your heart rate on a regular basis every week.
    • Type of Training – Some people love cardio, some people (like me) hate it. However you definitely dislike some more than others, if you’re like me the trick is to find the one you dislike least. For me that happens to be the cross trainer. Brisk walking, jogging, running, cycling, cross training, skipping, stairs stepper. You don’t have to do all of them, but you have to do one of them.
    • Frequency of Training – 2-3 times a week minimum, please! but you can go even more if you like
    • Time of Training – Despite what some trainers may tell you, for the majority of goals there is absolutely no advantage to early morning fasted cardio. Unless your in an extreme cut, don’t go crazy here. Pick a time that suits your schedule.
    • Duration of Training – Keep your cardio at a minimum to 20 mins per session but after that go as long as you feel
    • Cost of Training – If your road running, make sure that you have a decent pair of trainers, other than that similar to resistance training try to keep your costs low initially and buy the add ons as you go.

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Reset. Go Again.

Another 3 weeks of lockdown in Ireland. The Easter weekend was tough, the May weekend will be equally though and the time in between…well that’s going to be just great. Whatever you’ve done over the weekend or in the lockdown so far, its time to reset and go again.

Maybe you have already started on all of those initial lock down plans. Maybe you started and stopped. Maybe you had best intensions but never got there. It doesn’t matter, you’ve got another 3 weeks (at least), to kick on.

Success on your fitness journey is a result of making the small efforts count, consistently over and over again. You can’t get to where you want to on a lockdown day, but you can take a step in the right direction. Take more steps in the right direction than the wrong direction and you start moving closer and closer to that goal.

Eat less, move more, train hard and sleep well consistently and after a couple of weeks you won’t know yourself. However what ever the lockdown has been so far:

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Hungry or Bored?

It’s quarantine time! or is it SNACK time!

We’re in for some boring days during this lockdown, and a fun thing to figure out is whether you’re hungry or bored… Snacking because of boredom is extremely common with all of us and with being in a lockdown this is certain to become more challenging. It’s important to remember to eat when you’re hungry and not because the nothing more exciting going on. Many of us will also have switched to working from home where the cupboards are full with the goods and with no colleagues to judge you, you could easily and happily snack away all day. Fun for a day or two but snacking coupled with an overall reduction in energy expenditure could play havoc with any fitness goals that you’ve set previously.

Some things which help:

  • Plan (and make) your meals for the day in advance
  • Plan your meal times for the day
  • Drink more water
  • Keep snacks out of sight during the day
  • Keep your mind active
  • Don’t be too harsh on yourself when you go off plan, this is a mad time!

Agile Body Program


Self-Isolation Accountability Planner

Staying accountable to the items that will drive you towards your goals is important at any time, but even more so now that we are entering a really strange period in modern existence. Planning and keeping yourself accountable to the plan helps to give a nice sense of satisfaction as you build up day to day towards your goal.

Below is a slightly modified template that I use for planning during a prep. Every day I hit my plan for the item, I mark the item green, everyday that I don’t I mark the item red, planned rest or non training days also go green. Looking back on a week worth of all greens is extremely satifisfiying and motivating for the week ahead. Nerdy but effective stuff.

  • Training – Home and Body weight workouts are the norm for a lot of people at the moment, one a day?
  • Cardio – Getting out for a run, cycle, or walk. Very important to keep your cardio up during this isolation period
  • Steps – Definitely more challenging to hit 10000 when working from home and isolating, a big challenge here but important to stay active.
  • Planned Meals – Plan you meals for the day and stay on track for them, isolation snacking definitely has it’s appeal. try to stay accountable.
  • Something New – Should have more time on our hands, try something new every day?
  • Add your own – Plan activities, new workouts, new hobbies, whatever you want… Plan and do.

Download links – 4 week Planner:

Accountability Planner Pic

Agile Body Program