The Agile Body Program is different.

The Agile Body Program applies big business agile concepts to personal fitness.

Most of us don’t work in gym, most of us are not on our feet all day. We work 9 to 5 in a society where the level of convenience  on offer means that we are moving less and less, but consuming more and more each year. The fitness world can be confusing. There is conflicting information everywhere and it can be hard to see what really matters.

Businesses from all over the world have implemented Agile ways of working from lean tech start ups to more established traditional businesses which are trying to stay ahead of the curve. Some think the move to Agile = improved speed of delivery, and it does but only as a by-product of adhering to Agile principles.  The real Agile success stories come from understanding the needs and aspirations of the customer, responding quickly to changes which inevitably arise, and being able to iterate on a continuous basis.

In personal fitness iteration is key. We are all at different stages of our health and fitness journey and regardless of your level, the Agile Body Program helps you to continuously iterate yourself forward towards your goals.

Depending upon the goal and training duration, a number of Mesocycles (Sprints) will be identified and subsequently divided into Microcycles (Weeks), with sub-goals agreed between you and your trainer. Weekly check in’s ensure that you are driving towards your sprint goal, and sprint reviews at the end of each Mesocycle ensure that you are driving towards your overall goal.

All of this is underpinned with 24/7 contact from your trainer because we all live busy lives and responding to change and working around our schedules in a positive way will ultimately define our success or failure in the long term.

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Welcome to the Agile Body Program.